Collagen Renewal For Ageless Skin

Congratulations on taking advantage of the
Kollagen Intensiv™ Home Delivery Program!

“Kollagen Intensiv™ Home Delivery Program”
Program Details

Important Information – Please Read: You are receiving Kollagen Intensiv™ as part of the “Kollagen Intensiv™ Home Delivery Program” on a TRIAL basis, and in doing so you agree to the *Kollagen Intensiv™ Terms and Conditions.

Prior to shipment, you will be billed only $4.95 shipping & handling, as promised. For this, we will be shipping you a generous 30-day supply of Kollagen Intensiv™, our top-rated anti-wrinkle cream to help you get back that smooth youthful skin. Simply place your order now and you can expect to receive the package within the next 7-10 days.

You will then enjoy a no-pressure Trial Period of 30 days (from order date) to test Kollagen Intensiv™ yourself to see how just amazing this product really is.

At the end of 30 days, if you're satisfied, do nothing and when your Trial Period completes you'll be automatically enrolled in our popular “Kollagen Intensiv™ Home Delivery Program,” which includes...

  1. A NEW 2-Month Supply Of Kollagen Intensiv™ Delivered Every 60 Days At Our Guaranteed LOWEST PRICE!

    That's right, every 60 days we'll send you a NEW supply of Kollagen Intensiv™, good for another 2 months of anti-aging skincare benefits... all at our LOWEST PRICE, guaranteed. Plus, you can update your delivery schedule at ANY TIME to reflect your changing needs for Kollagen Intensiv™!

  2. FREE Gift Coming Your Way!

    We like to reward clients who commit to using Kollagen Intensiv™ for the recommended 90 days because we know from experience:

    Once you see the beautiful young skin that comes with 90 days of use you'll be a loyal customer for life!

    And that is why, to further incentivize you to stay with us in your journey to beautiful skin, we're rewarding you with a SURPRISE Gift! Look forward to receiving your FREE GIFT with your next shipment of Kollagen Intensiv™ as part of your Home Delivery Program enrollment.

    Staying enrolled in our Home Delivery Program has its rewards!

  3. No Weird Fees... EVER! Plus Excellent Customer Support!

    Our 10-year track-record as the #1 rated anti-aging and sexual health supplements company on the Web has been EARNED! We believe in delivering the HIGHEST quality products with transparent, accountable billing practices and responsive, discreet customer service.

Continuing Membership Fee:

All of this will be delivered directly to you every second month for the low bi-monthly Continuing Membership Fee of just $99.95 (this breaks down to ONLY $49.98 per month!), including shipping and handling.

Our clients tell us this is the easiest way to make sure their use of Kollagen Intensiv™ continues without interruption so they can truly maximize the skin enhancing benefits to feel sexier and look years younger – without the hassles of remembering to reorder.

But of course, canceling your TRIAL is easy! Simply contact us before your 30-day Trial Period expires at 1-866-269-1550 (9am - 10pm PST) and we'll make sure you are never billed a dime. There are no jars to return, and you'll keep any remaining product as our way of saying “thanks for giving us a try.”

Or, even try our Kollagen Intensiv™ Home Delivery Program and if you're not satisfied, simply contact us before your next bi-monthly Continuing Membership Fee is due, tell us you'd like to cancel and, again, you'll never be billed another dime. It's that easy.

Still have questions? Please feel free to read our complete Enrollment, Billing, and Cancellation policy. We believe in transparent, accountable billing practices!

Please be aware that by cancelling your enrollment in the
Kollagen Intensiv™ Home Delivery Program
you will no longer be eligible for the benefits of the program.


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